About meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)

MGD stands for meibomian gland dysfunction. These tiny glands are situated around both eyelids, just under the eyelashes and there are about seventy five of them. The produce a clear, oily liquid called meibum that goes into the tears enabling them to spread and hold the tears in the eye. If they become blocked, inflamed or the liquid is too thick, it cannot be released and the tears evaporate quickly and lead to dry eyes.

This is different to blepharitis as you can treat blepharitis yet still have MGD.

What can help?

  • warm compresses such as eye bags or goggles and mild lid massages (to melt and squeeze out any solid secretions that clog the glands). We also stock a premium goggle that creates a soothing moist, heat environment around the eyes.
  • lid cleansers such as impregnated wipes, gels or solutions combined with and mild lid massages (to squeeze out any solid secretions that clog the glands)
  • Omega 3 supplements to improve the quality of meibum
  • oral antibiotics
  • topical antibiotic ointments