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'We Love Eyes' and so do we! NEW Tea Tree oil and foam

By Michelle Sutton 15 days ago 167 Views No comments

Natural cleansing range for your eye lids We Love Eyes was founded in the US by Optometrist Tanya Gill to solve a problem she was seeing in her practice.

Meibopatch - a new warming eye mask

By Michelle Sutton 25 days ago 255 Views No comments

A new, warming heat mask for dry eyes and blepharitis.

Ocushield iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

By Michelle Sutton 1 month ago 126 Views No comments

Sleep better, wake refreshed and protect your eyes from blue light-induced eye problems in the future. Ocushield protects your eyes and your screen.

Have the best of both worlds with NEW Hycosan Dual eye drops

By Michelle Sutton 1 month ago 363 Views No comments

Dual support for dry eyes

The makers of the popular Hycosan eye drop range have combined established lubricant sodium hyaluronate with a new ingredient called ectoin.

Viteyes assessed by an eye expert in the Daily Mail to tackle eye problems

By Michelle Sutton 2 months ago 273 Views No comments

A recent report showed three-quarters of us suffered poor eye health in the past 12 months.

This Daily Mail Good Health feature asked eye expert Dr Maryam Zamani, an oculoplastic surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic, to assess some of the latest products, then they rated them.

23 Jun 2016 11:52:45

New Powder Eyeshadows that care for your sensitive eyes.

By Michelle Sutton 2 months ago 207 Views No comments

These ultrasoft eye colours from Eye Care Cosmetics are finely milled to reduce the chance of allergy or irritation in and around the eyes. They have recently been re-formulated are are still designed to be compatible with contact lenses.

New, ultra-light and illuminating Complexion Perfector Foundation from Eye Care Cosmetics

By Michelle Sutton 2 months ago 322 Views No comments

Eye Care Cosmetics have re-formulated their Coloured Day Cream and re-launched it as Complexion Perfector Foundation. This is a lightly textured, natural and hypo-allergenic foundation to illuminate, moisturise and protect the skin with added sun protection SPF25.

Christmas practical gift ideas for the eyes

By Michelle Sutton 3 months ago 369 Views No comments

Are you looking for inspiration on Christmas gift ideas?

The dark nights are here and the heating is on so let's give you some great gift ideas that we can deliver straight to your door.

Long-lasting Liquid Lipsticks WIN at The Beauty Awards 2017!

By Michelle Sutton 3 months ago 194 Views No comments

A big thank you to everyone for voted for our products and we are delighted to announce that Eye Care Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks won Best New Lip Product at the 2017 Beauty Awards with OK! Magazine. Last week at The Tower of London Pavilion, we collected our award from Amanda Holden and mingled with a host of celebrities.

Do you work at a computer or tablet all day? New from Ocushield - glasses

By Michelle Sutton 3 months ago 616 Views No comments

Protect your eyes and preserve your sleep.

The optician and blue light expert behind Ocushield screen filters has developed two new products to protect your eyes and preserve your sleep.