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Better value eye health supplements with the NEW Viteyes 2 softgels

By Michelle Sutton 2 days ago 19 Views No comments


We are proud of our claim to be the most cost-effective AREDS2 eye supplement for macular degeneration and with the launch of our NEW softgels, we are able to offer you an even LOWER price.

Take Care of Your Eyes with Latest tech Eye care and Eyewear

By Michelle Sutton 17 days ago 324 Views No comments

As eyes are like windows to visulize this beautiful world, they should be taken care of properly. But eyesight problems have increased throughout the world. We have presented a plethora of information on this through the below infographic from Paul Gill Optician.

New Viteyes supplement to help support optic nerve health

By Michelle Sutton 17 days ago 180 Views No comments

Already renowned for their range of macular health supplements, Viteyes is delighted to introduce a brand new innovation, formulated with nutrients which can help support the healthy function of nerves such as the optic nerve.

Spring can be bad news for allergy prone sensitive eyes

By Michelle Sutton 1 month ago 354 Views No comments

Spring is definitely here at Butterflies Eyecare as we can see the lambs and oil seed rape in the fields surrounding us here in Oxfordshire.

Wise Up To Eye Health

By James Sutton 2 months ago 326 Views No comments

Make it foresight … not hindsight

Health warnings are everywhere. You only have to switch on the TV or radio, read a newspaper or look online, and you’ll be warned of the many dangers of life today. We’re swamped with information about obesity, smoking, the dangers of binge drinking, etc, etc. But how often do you see advice on eye health?

James and Michelle Sutton of Butterflies Eyecare in Banbury believe there should be more information and advice available on protecting one of our most important senses – our vision!

Imagine never seeing another sunset or leaves changing colour in the autumn. What if you couldn’t see your baby’s first smile or watch as they take their first steps. The thought of being blind fills everyone with dread – yet the majority of us take our eyesight for granted and don’t do enough to protect it.

Look after your eyes this winter with these eye health tips

By Michelle Sutton 4 months ago 2098 Views No comments

If you suffer with eye problems, particularly in the winter, the College of Optometrists share their eye health tips poster on how you can survive the winter. Read their interesting facts and help with day and night driving, dry eyes and why our pupils are bigger in winter.

Butterflies Eyecare recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary in business

By Michelle Sutton 4 months ago 433 Views No comments

James and Michelle Sutton from Butterflies Eyecare recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary in business with a ‘blind’ driving event with fellow Banbury Chamber of Commerce members Base Performance Simulators.

Sore, dry eyes? Thealoz Duo drops come to the rescue this winter.

By Michelle Sutton 5 months ago 122 Views No comments

Winter-proof your eyes by making Thealoz Duo dry eye lubricants part of your winter-wear.

23 Jan 2017 12:41:59

Ocushield now available for Mac Book Air & Pro | Samsung S5/S6 | VDUs

By Michelle Sutton 6 months ago 566 Views No comments

New from optical research company Ocushield are the latest additions to their innovative range of blue light screen protectors.

Eye Care Cosmetics Infini-Lashes for sensitive eyes WINS at the Pure Beauty Awards

By Michelle Sutton 7 months ago 751 Views No comments

At this year's Pure Beauty Awards, our new lash serum for sensitive eyes Infini-Lashes was Highly Commended as Best New Eye Product. Infini-lashes serum perfectly blends nutritional ingredients to help nourish eyelashes to grow stronger and longer.

10 Nov 2016 15:15:28