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March 2017

Wise Up To Eye Health

By James Sutton 3 years ago 1712 Views No comments

Make it foresight … not hindsight

Health warnings are everywhere. You only have to switch on the TV or radio, read a newspaper or look online, and you’ll be warned of the many dangers of life today. We’re swamped with information about obesity, smoking, the dangers of binge drinking, etc, etc. But how often do you see advice on eye health?

James and Michelle Sutton of Butterflies Eyecare in Banbury believe there should be more information and advice available on protecting one of our most important senses – our vision!

Imagine never seeing another sunset or leaves changing colour in the autumn. What if you couldn’t see your baby’s first smile or watch as they take their first steps. The thought of being blind fills everyone with dread – yet the majority of us take our eyesight for granted and don’t do enough to protect it.