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May 2017

Better value eye health supplements with the NEW Viteyes 2 softgels

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We are proud of our claim to be the most cost-effective AREDS2 eye supplement for macular degeneration and with the launch of our NEW softgels, we are able to offer you an even LOWER price.

Take Care of Your Eyes with Latest tech Eye care and Eyewear

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As eyes are like windows to visulize this beautiful world, they should be taken care of properly. But eyesight problems have increased throughout the world. We have presented a plethora of information on this through the below infographic from Paul Gill Optician.

New Viteyes supplement to help support optic nerve health

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Already renowned for their range of macular health supplements, Viteyes is delighted to introduce a brand new innovation, formulated with nutrients which can help support the healthy function of nerves such as the optic nerve.