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Create a subtle 'sun-kissed' glow on sensitive skin avoiding hours in the sun.

By Michelle Sutton 2 years ago 1199 Views No comments

Eye Care Cosmetics gentle Bronzer Powder (£22.50) gives a healthy glow to sensitive skin without irritating the eyes.

This high-tolerance bronzer powder is finely milled or ‘ultra-micronised’ for an extremely soft feel. Enriched with small illuminating pearls it creates an instant healthy glow effect.

Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive, it offers the finish of naturally tanned skin.

For a more contoured look, some people find it helpful to imagine the "3" shape, while applying bronzer. On both sides of the face, make the "3" shape starting at the forehead along the hair line, and use your brush to follow along the hollow of the cheek and just under the jawline. Keep it sheer and build as needed.

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