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Eye Care Cosmetics 2-in-1 Remover reaches finals in Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016

By James Sutton 4 years ago 1907 Views No comments

Reaching the final THREE is a great achievement for our eye cosmetic remover for sensitive skin and eyes that was only launched last year. With a biphasic blue/clear formula featuring an oily phase and a water phase that mix when gently shaken. This effective remover quickly yet gently removes all traces of eye cosmetics including our waterproof eye shadow creams, felt pen eye liners and jumbo pencils.

Eye Care Cosmetics are specially made using a unique process for dry, sensitive eyes, blepharitis and contact lens wearers and is ideal for all women to use to prevent sensitivity developing. Known irritants are avoided and the remaining ingredients are chosen for their ability to strengthen the skin's defences around sensitive eyelids. It does not pull or drag but simply glides over the lid margins without disturbing the tear film or adding to the debris from blepharitis.

If you are looking to switch to this hypo-allergenic range to protect your contact lenses and lid margins from damage, see our full range or call us on 0330 660 0481.