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Eyejusters - innovative and adjustable reading glasses

By Michelle Sutton 2 years ago 1418 Views No comments

Ever needed to increase the magnification on your reading glasses? Well now you can with NEW Eyejusters.

Eyejusters are innovative adjustable focus reading glasses, allowing you to change lens strength to anything from plano (zero power) to +4.00 dioptres.

They give you the close-up vision you used to have and can replace all the different reading glasses you're currently switching between (possibly weaker ones for computer use but stronger ones for reading or hobbies).

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Priced from £65.00, these reading glasses will soon simplify your daily life.

Eyejusters acetate (plastic) framed, adjustable focus reading glasses can help with a wide range of close-up tasks without the need to keep swapping pairs.

Each lens (right and left) adjusts separately so you can get optimum correction for each eye.

The plastic framed Eyejusters (pictured left) are made from cellulose acetate, a natural and very durable material which is polished and hand-finished to superb standards. Unlike most plastics, acetate's pigments are actually part of the material, never losing their intensity. It makes a beautifully finished, high quality frame that will last.

The multilayered Eyejusters (shown in the centre picture above) come in two colour options - a sensible black/electric blue mix and a brighter purple/pink. Both options have a striking white band separating the two colours to enhance depth and contrast.

Formed from a single sheet of stainless steel (pictured right), Eyejusters stainless steel create a precise, strong and lightweight frame, perfect for those who demand the most from life. The metal frame also has stainless steel arms and comfortable nosepads.

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