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Guide to Choosing Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

By Michelle Sutton 2 years ago 1316 Views No comments

Here at Butterflies Eyecare, our pharmacist Michelle and optician James explore current treatments for dry eyes, updated with the latest new products they have sourced.

When you are experiencing a flare up of your dry eyes, you may need to apply lubricating eye drops every half an hour then reduce gradually as they improve. To avoid sensitivity to eye drops developing, we recommend preservative-free products during heavy use.

If there is little or no relief, switching to a different lubricant or combination of lubricants can help.

Our website is designed with filters and categories to enable you to search easily between lubricants and preservative-free products.

For fast relief, James our optician recommends trying the following preservative-free eye drops in this step-wise order;

  • Cellusan – carmellose drops or vials for mild to moderate dry eyes
  • Hyabak – sodium hyaluronate 0.1% for moderate symptoms
  • Clinitas Soothe - sodium hyaluronate 0.4% in reclosable vials or bottle for moderate to severe eyes
  • Hydramed - has sodium hyaluronate 0.2% with the novel lubricant TSP (tamarind seed polysaccharide) which makes the tears stickier on the eye.
  • VisuXL – cross linked sodium hyaluronate 0.1% stays longer on the eye with vitamin E
  • Thealoz Duo - sodium hyaluronate 0.15% with the unique rehydrating lubricant trehalose

Using gels (such as Thealoz Duo or Clinitas Hydrate gel) instead of drops can give more relief during the day and applying more drops or gel in the evening can help at night.

For an overnight option, Hydramed Night ointment with vitamin A and soothing camomile and calendula.

If there is underlying blepharitis, the oily component of tears can be reduced so an oilier eye drop is worth trying.

  • Emustil – individual vials with soybean oil and natural phospholipids
  • Blink Triple Action – with liposomes, sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E

Also useful for blepharitis are Optimel Manuka Honey Eye Drops for their natural, anti-bacterial activity and Cliradex tea tree wipes.

Research has shown that a diet rich in oily fish and omega oils can reduce the incidence of dry eyes. We recommend Viteyes Omega Blend as it has omega 3 fish oils, omega 6 borage seed oil, flaxseed and lactoferrin providing the ultimate capsule for improving dry feeling eyes.