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Have the best of both worlds with NEW Hycosan Dual eye drops

By Michelle Sutton 2 years ago 4459 Views No comments

Dual support for dry eyes

The makers of the popular Hycosan eye drop range have combined established lubricant sodium hyaluronate with a new ingredient called ectoin.

Ectoin has outstanding cell-protecting properties and is often described as "the natural anti-stress molecule”. Ectoin is a natural ingredient that also protects the membranes in the eye from the harmful effects of allergens, fine dust and dehydration.

All this makes it an ideal addition to the hyaluronate in Hycosan Dual 7.5ml (RRP £14.95) and Hylo-Dual 10ml (RRP £19.00).

As with the rest of the Hycosan range, Hycosan Dual is:

  • Preservative free
  • Can be used for 6 months after opening
  • Contact lens friendly

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