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Now available in the UK, Cliradex natural, preservative-free lid, lash and facial cleansing wipes containing tea tree oil (TTO).

By Michelle Sutton 2 years ago 6754 Views 2 comments

Say goodbye to Demodex mites.

The long-awaited arrival of Cliradex, has come after many requests from our customers who have read the latest research showing that eyelash mites called Demodex are responsible for causing and aggravating some cases of blepharitis.

Cliradex helps manage symptoms associated with many eye conditions such as:

  • blepharitis
  • meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)
  • rosacea
  • dry eye
  • Demodex
  • chalazia
  • other lid margin diseases

Unlike traditional cleansers derived from man-made chemicals, Cliradex is a natural way to keep your eyelids and skin clean, comfortable and healthy.

The all natural formulation in Cliradex is safe for everyday use as part of a regular ocular and facial hygiene regimen. Cliradex is a moist towelette and is derived from key constituents of Melaleuca alternifolia, a special variety of tea tree oil. Cliradex is the only commercially available product that isolates 4-Terpineol, the most important ingredient found in tea tree oil. This is why they are priced at £36.00 for 20 wipes.

PLEASE NOTE: some tingling/stinging can be expected but care should be taken to try and avoid getting it in the eyes. Cliradex is simple and easy to use but download the instruction leaflet and watch the video for more help.

For treating Demodex eye lash mites

Cliradex is intended to be used once or twice daily and usually for 2-3 weeks. Your needs may vary based upon your condition and the severity of symptoms.

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Louise Burton 1 years ago at 09:28
Could you please stock the cliradex light foam for maintenance.
Michelle Sutton 1 years ago at 10:08
Hello Louise

We would love to, unfortunately it is not packaged and labelled suitably for the EU market yet.

However, we do stock a tea tree oil foaming cleanser from We Love Eyes here;


Hope this helps