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Ocushield - a screen protector AND blue light filter for mobiles, tablets and computer screens

By James Sutton 4 years ago 4346 Views No comments

The study found the level of sleep hormone melatonin is lowered after using these devices and this has 2 main effects;

  • it takes longer to fall asleep
  • the amount of dream sleep is reduced

The result is tiredness the following morning and difficulty waking up and feeling alert, particularly in teenagers who naturally stay up late and sleep in. Also, there are concerns that exposure to blue light can cause eye strain and fatigue, short sightedness and even age related macular degeneration in later life. The iPad, in particular, has the highest amount of brightness measured in the study.

Ocushield screen protectors prices range from RRP £4.99 to £24.99 and can be used by adults, the elderly and children. Ocushields are available for the following devices;

  • iPads,
  • iPad minis
  • iPhones including iPhone 6 models
  • Samsung Galaxy S Series
  • VDU Screen Protector
  • MacBook Pro Screen Protector

Each adhesive protector has 3 layers;

  • polyester film
  • anti-blue light coating
  • olleophobic coating

Protect your eyes from the sleep disrupting effects of blue light by applying Ocushield blue light filters to all your electronic devices.