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Ocushield iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

By Michelle Sutton 2 years ago 1406 Views No comments

Sleep better, wake refreshed and protect your eyes from blue light-induced eye problems in the future. Ocushield protects your eyes and your screen (£11.99).

OcuShield for the iPhone 7 is a tempered glass screen protector that protects our eyes as well as the device's screen (tempered glass for enhanced protection). Each pack contains:

  • 1 screen protectors
  • instructions
  • lint free cloth
  • wet cloth wipe
  • dust remover tabs

All modern digital devices produce potentially harmful blue light. This short wavelength light is known to cause eye strain and fatigue, as well as potentially increasing the likelihood of eye diseases. It also suppresses the hormone melatonin, disturbing our sleep-wake cycle. OcuShield protects your eyes and sleep by cutting out the blue light transmittance, but allowing the non-harmful light through the screen to give you clear and normal images.