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​Packing for your holidays? Don't forget these eye essential holiday items

By Michelle Sutton 3 years ago 3520 Views No comments

Summer holidays are here......

With the summer holiday season upon us, your mind might be turning to what to pack this year and how you will ever fit it all in your bags.

Don’t be tempted to forget your eye care needs and all the following could help:

  • Contact lens travel packs – smaller, air-plane suitable bottles of all our favourite brands from £4.95 .
  • Lid wipes – can be used as a make-up remover while travelling as well as caring for your eye lids Blephaclean (£7.99).
  • Warming eye mask – Eye Bags Instants (£5.00) are chemically activated so no need to boil or microwave, perfect for travelling.
  • Sun protection – Occles sleep shield (£22.00) blocks out unwanted light on flights but also make a great sun blocker while sunbathing. Or if you need reading glasses the Sun Reader will help you enjoy that latest book (£26.00).
  • Bronzer – worried you might look a bit pale initially? A touch of hypo-allergenic bronzer might help (£7.99).
  • Prevent your eyes from drying out on flights with 7Eye Airshield dry eye glasses (£79.99).

Although pricey, we have just received this fantastic review from a member of the Facebook Blepharitis Advice and Support Centre;

'So I just used my new 7eye glasses on two two and a half hour flights (i.e., there and back). I thought I looked pretty terrible, but nobody gave me a second glance, so I can't have looked as terrible as I thought! Anyway, the main thing is that my eyes were much, much better than they would have been at the end of the flights had I NOT worn the glasses, so I will definitely carry on using them for flights and significant train journeys. Thank you.'

Don't suffer with sore eyes on holiday this year, contact Butterflies Eyecare on 0330 660 0481 or online at www.butterflies-eyecare.co.uk