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Read our in-depth reviews for Anti-Redness Cream for rosacea and sensitive skin.

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We asked members of the online forum talk rosacea to test our Anti-Redness Cream for one month. Talkrosacea members rated Eye Care Cosmetics Anti-Redness

Cream with an average of 4.1/5 stars and one member said 'It is the best cream I have ever tried where I have actually had good results'.

Read here what they had to say.

The talkhealth website has online hubs for many common conditions including acne, allergy, eczema, IBS, psoriasis and women's health. These forums enable information to be shared and they work closely with health charities. They provide an online resource to chronic conditions and diseases — their symptoms, treatment and care.

Eye Care Cosmetics Anti-Redness Cream is a dual action cream that actively reduces redness with plant extracts and covers it lightly.

Hypo-allergenic ingredients have been selected for their ability to strengthen the delicate skins’ natural barriers to rosacea, flushing and blotches. It contains naturally vaso-constrictive active ingredients (such as butcher's broom, marigold, horse chestnut and liquorice) that bring continuous action. Anti-free radical vitamin E and brown seaweed extract both form a protective shield against the attacks of aging.

Its formulation with hydrating and soothing actives provides comfort all day or all night, long. It is also an excellent makeup base.

If you would like to try Eye Care Cosmetics Anti-Redness Cream for yourself, call our helpful order line on 0330 660 0481 or visit eyecare-cosmetics.co.uk