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SAVE 15% when you buy a lipstick and matching nail enamel.

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SAVE 15% when you buy a lipstick and matching nail enamel

To celebrate the launch of our new hypo-allergenic, matte liquid lipsticks, we are offering you a 15% discount.

Just choose a matching lipstick and premium Perfection nail enamel here for £22.75 here http://www.butterflies-eyecare.co.uk/matching-enamel-lipstick.html

Both cosmetics are enriched with vitamins and minerals and are specially designed to be gentle on sensitive skin and lips.

Eye Care Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks have an innovative hypoallergenic, non-transferable, fast-drying formula which gives perfect long-lasting hold throughout the day, without leaving any marks and is suitable for all types of lips, even very sensitive or allergic ones.

Combine this with a matching Perfection Nail Enamel. These have an easy-to-use large brush and they strengthen, stimulate growth and harden the nail with a vitamin E enriched formula containing trace elements (sulfur - iron - calcium - zinc).

For easy shopping, we have paired the colours up for you.