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Similisan - a complete range of herbal eye drops

By Michelle Sutton 2 years ago 1153 Views No comments

Switzerland's best-selling brand of eye drops and vials are now available in the UK.

The Similasan product range was formulated in 1980 by Swiss pharmacist Armin Spaeni, from a range of natural remedies he created for his pharmacies.

When his products proved successful, he founded Similasan AG with two friends, which grew quickly to become one of the best-selling brands in Switzerland.

The Similasan Company has extensive eye care knowledge and experience and their drops are developed and manufactured under pharmaceutical conditions.

As Michelle our pharmacist here at Butterflies Eyecare has an interest in natural health, she was keen to stock this range of three problem-solving eye drops, also available as preservative-free vials.

Computer Eye
For the soothing relief of sore eyes due to office work, watching TV, gaming or night driving

Itchy Eye
Natural first aid for itchy, irritated eyes caused by common allergies to pollen, pets and dust mites.

Pink Eye
These eye drops quickly cool and calm irritation, redness and grittiness.

Give your eyes natural relief from our site for sore eyes.