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Sore, dry eyes? Thealoz Duo drops come to the rescue this winter.

By Michelle Sutton 3 years ago 1439 Views No comments

Winter-proof your eyes by making Thealoz Duo dry eye lubricants part of your winter-wear.

23 Jan 2017 12:41:59

The Thealoz Duo range of eye lubricants are clinically proven and preservative-free to soothe sore, dry eyes this winter. With cold, dry air and winds outside and central heating and fires indoors, it's not surprising our eyes can suffer as a result. Thealoz products can be applied as often as required throughout the day and night if necessary.

By wearing glasses or sunglasses outside and reducing screen time indoors or blinking a more often, these effects can be reduced but if extra lubrication is required then this range has three choices to suit everyone.

With a unique natural ingredient, trehalose, not found in any other drops, combined with natural sodium hyaluronate these really are worth a try if you have tried a other drops without success. The drops shown above are in a bottle (£13.99) that last 3 months after opening, the single dose vials are convenient to carry around and Thealoz Duo Gel (£10.99) shown below is a thicker gel ideal for day or night time use.