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Spring can be bad news for allergy prone sensitive eyes

By Michelle Sutton 2 years ago 2119 Views No comments

Spring is definitely here at Butterflies Eyecare as we can see the lambs and oil seed rape in the fields surrounding us here in Oxfordshire.

Early pollen from trees may start to be a problem for some of you causing red, watery eyes and sneezing so here is a selection of helpful products from our anti-allergy range.

Hycosan Fresh
Eye drops with herbal extracts of eyebright and hyaluronate to calm irritated eyes.


Organic, award-winning barrier balm to prevent pollen and allergens causing irritation and allergies.

AirShield Glasses
Close-fitting black or tortoiseshell-style glasses reduce wind, dust and pollen entering the eyes.

Opticrom Hayfever
The original and best anti-allergy eye drops for adults and children 6+ years.

Ice Doctor
A reusable cooling eye mask for the freezer that soothes itchy, sore and swollen eyes.

Xailin Wash
These sterile eye wash vials gently rinse away pollen.


Contact us today on 0845 838 6704 or info@butterflies-eyecare.co.uk, we can help allergy prone eyes