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The latest eye drops to tackle dry eyes from Mitron Medical

By James Sutton 4 years ago 2235 Views No comments

I-Dew DS Aquagel is a preservative free, gel-forming eye drop for moderate to severe dry eye conditions, for day and night time use. It is an advanced lubricating eye drop solution with carmellose 1%, specially formulated to fight the sensation of dryness, discomfort and irritation of the eyes.

Using an innovative gel-forming eye drop technology that provides longer-lasting lubrication with a superior end-o-day comfort, blended with beneficial eye electrolytes that can help revitalise tired eyes.

LOC Tears is a preservative-free lubricating eye drop for mild to moderate dry eye complaints. The innovative double-action lubricating eye drop solution is specially formulated to moisturise, comfort and revive eyes. It can provide relief from burning, irritation and discomfort due to dryness of the eye and post surgery.

Contains an advanced blend of ocular lubricants including carmellose sodium o.5% that gently hydrates the eye surface to comfort dry and irritated eyes. The unique formula helps restore the natural osmotic balance of the eye surface that revives and rejuvenates tired eyes.

There is a multi-buy offer avaialable so you can buy 3 or more and save 5% or buy 6 or more and save 10%.

Both drops can be used while wearing contact lenses and are preservative-free.

Both products are packed in sunlight resistant bottles and the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of Stabilized Oxychloro Complex also protects the dry eye drops from contamination without the need for conventional preservatives.