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Vidisan Eye Drops Calm Irritated Eyes

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Recently, I was asked to recommend a preservative-free yet natural eye drop and luckily these Vidisan eye drop single dose units (£6.99 for 30) had just arrived in. For centuries, the herbal extract of the plant Euphrasia known as Eyebright has been used to soothe sore or inflamed eyes and treat any inflammation of the conjunctiva.

A study carried out in the clinics of 12 experienced anthroposophical general practitioners and ophthalmologists in Germany and Switzerland showed that Euphrasia single-dose eye drops can effectively and safely be used for various conjunctival conditions.

The extra moisturising component povidone, which is balanced to the pH of the natural tear film, means that Vidisan dry eye drops soothe the eyes and reduce redness/burning almost immediately after the first use.

Vidisan natural eye drops are also available in a handy 10ml bottle for £4.50.