No matter how good your eyesight may be now, as we start to age, our eyes will generally tend to become weaker. Dealing with this natural regression is made easier thanks to the variety of magnifiers that are currently available. These come in a number of convenient forms, suitable for different purposes and environments. They include:

We stock a wide range of high-quality magnifiers at attractive prices. Here's a quick look at some of the more popular models.

Eschenbach Combi-Plus Hand and Stand Magnifier – This superb product features a fold out handle and metal legs, which make it suitable for both hand and stand magnifying purposes. Perfect for use at work or during your favourite leisure activities, it also comes in a fine leather case with a soft lining for further protection.

Eschenbach Mediplan Ergo Aplanatic Magnifier – This handheld magnifier features ergonomic handles that make it very easy to hold for longer periods of time. It is also comfortably lightweight, and durable enough to withstand constant use.

Eschenbach Powerlux Illuminated Stand Magnifier – This superb magnifier is a stand model that combines ease of use with very effective operation. You'll also receive batteries and a soft case, which are included in the price. The best feature here is the automatic switch-off function, which operates after 30 minutes.

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