Summer-light and illuminating Complexion Perfector foundation from Eye Care Cosmetics

Michelle Sutton

Eye Care Cosmetics have re-formulated their Coloured Day Cream and re-launched it as Complexion Perfector Foundation (RRP £20.75). This ultra-light cream smoothes, hydrates and unifies the complexion, making it ideal for warm, summer days.

Do you need an alternative to heavy cream foundations now that that the warmer weather has finally arrived

Does the heat make your skin more prone to breakouts and sensitivity.

Our Complexion Perfector foundation offers light coverage in an ultra lightweight, hypo-allergenic and comfortable cream formula that hides minor blemishes and leaves your skin glowing.

Complexion Perfector 

This is a lightly textured, natural and hypo-allergenic foundation to illuminate, moisturise and protect the skin with added sun protection SPF25.

Eye Care Cosmetics Complexion Perfector Foundation was named in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018 as the Best Tinted Moisturiser with SPF.

By combining the recent trends in BB (beauty balm) and CC (colour correcting) creams, Complexion Perfector aims to;

  • Moisturise with nourishing jojoba and macadamia oils, hyaluronate, urea and silicium
  • Brighten the complexion and increase radiance with soft-focus, light diffusing spheres
  • Protect against the ageing effects of UV and free radicals
  • Reduce irritation to the eyes and skin by avoiding irritants and finely milling the ingredients into tiny spheres

With a fresh, light coverage, skin tone is unified by the illuminating pigments held within this very fine and melty textured cream foundation. Being part of the award-winning and established Eye Care Cosmetics range, you can be sure that sensitivity and irritation are minimised by their unique production process and avoidance of known allergens and irritants such as nickel and chrome.

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