VisuXL and VisuEVO

Unique combinations of ingredients in an eye drop to help relieve and soothe dry eyes

Long lasting relief

Modern life can place extras demand on our eyes and dry eye syndrome is a very common eye condition that affects around one in four people in the UK.

Dry eyes can be caused by things like heating and air conditioning systems as well as the outdoor environment e.g. windy, cold, dry or dusty weather conditions. Thankfully, having dry eyes is not usually serious and can be treated with eye products such as drops or gel.

The range of eye drops from VISUfarma can offer long lasting relief from sore, tired and dry eyes, whatever the cause. Their unique formations often mean you need to use the drops less regularly than other types of drops.

Key features

Preservative free

Long-lasting protection

Unique combinations of ingredients

Cushions, protects, repairs, heals

Less drops needed

Can be used with contact lenses.

VisuXL and VisuEVO range of eye drops for dry eyes

VisuXL eye drops

VisuXL®  provides greater symptom relief and advanced healing properties particularly if you have ocular surface damage, have had recent surgery or an injury.

VisuXL® is for you if: 
• You have severe and persistent damaging dry eye. 
• Are not able to manage the severity of symptoms using any other eye drops. 
• Have had recent eye surgery or vision correction surgery. 
• Have experienced a recent eye injury. 
• Require a product with healing properties. 

VisuXL Gel drop

VisuXL®  Gel provides the comfort of a gel in the convenience of a drop, providing 12 hour protection in just 1 drop, for day and night use.

VisuXL® Gel is for you if: 
• You are using a large number of drops per day. 
• You are also using a supplementary night-time product. 
• Have had longer-term issues with dry eye. 
• Have had uncomfortable and persistent dry eye symptoms. 
• Have used other drops without satisfactory control of symptoms. 
• Struggle to use the other eye dropper bottles. VisuXL® Gel has a thumb lever to assist in the ease of using the eye dropper bottle.  

VisuEVO eye drops

VisuEVO®  is a unique multitasking eye drop specifically designed for evaporative dry eye patients.

VisuEVO® is for you if: 
• You have evaporative dry eye, which is the most common form of dry eye disease. 
• Have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) or a mucin deficiency. 
• Looking for drops that have natural ingredients. 
• Have dry eye that has worsened as a result of using preserved eye drops.  
• Do a lot of computer-based work, reading or driving. 

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