The Skincare Concept

Skin sensitivity, extremely frequent these days, often begins with a malfunctioning skin barrier, that makes skin more vulnerable to outside aggression. The innovative solution from the Contapharm Laboratories lies in its selection of components, active ingredients in particular, to strengthen the skin’s natural defences, and specifically to protect skin from environmental aggression. Formulated in this way, the Eye Care Cosmetics & NATorigin skincare ranges soothe irritation, pulling, tingling and redness in even the most sensitive skins.

  • Respect cutaneous pH level (pH 5.5).
  • Rigorous selection of raw materials for their bio-inertia.
  • Elimination of all active ingredients reputed to be aggressive or anti-sensitive: SLS | AHA | retinol | salicylic acid | plant essences | essential oils.
  • Exclusive selection of gentle, non-ionic tensio-active ingredients that respect the skin’s hydrolipidic film.
  • Use of physiological doses of active ingredients, specifically to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses and to protect it from environmental aggression.
  • Selection and dosage of preservatives controlled for their cutaneous bio-inertia.
  • Development of extremely refined, ultra-gentle textures to optimise pleasure of use.
  • Use of fragrance limited exclusively to non-allergenic notes.
  • Efficiency tested and proven on healthy volunteers by an independent approved Institute of Clinical Testing.
  • Permanent control of product quality by a cosmetovigilance panel.


"Gentle & effective skincare, whatever your skin type"


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