“Make the journey to good eye health joyful”

Peep Club™ is the brainchild of an optometrist and her childhood friend, a dry eye sufferer.

Having tried many conventional drops and solutions, they were looking for something new to help relieve watery, burning eyes through to the end of the day.

Peep Club™ products are designed to be effective and take pride of place in your bathroom, not tucked away.

How Peep Club™ works...

Cleanse (cleanse the whole eye area or remove any eye makeup)

Nourish (replenish and hydrate the delicate eye skin and eye lashes)

Treat (restore balance and comfort to the eye itself)

Peep Club™ range of eye care products


The Peep Club™ foam brings together three powerful ingredients to gently cleanse the eyelids:
   ● Tea-Tree Extract
   ● Liquorice-Root Extract
   ● Mushroom Extract in a fresh formula.

Use with the bamboo/cotton pads and it will not only effectively clean off all traces of eye makeup (including stubborn waterproof mascara or eyeliner) but also bacteria, pollution and dirt.

Your eye area and eyelashes will feel squeaky clean, protected and strong. It is also safe for use with eyelash extensions (as it doesn't contain oil).


The Peep Club™ overnight eye balm stick is a first-of-its-kind and engineered especially for those with dry, tired or sensitive eyes.

Using an advanced blend of oat ceramides to support the skin barrier and tackle dryness; evening primrose oil to improve the appearance of fine lines; kakadu plum (the richest natural source of Vitamin C) to visibly brighten the eye area; borage oil to calm and soften; New Zealand manuka oil to soothe red, inflamed eyelids.

All these ingredients work while you sleep to care for the delicate eye skin, including the under eyes, sides of the eyes and the upper eyelid.


The Peep Club Heated eye wand™ PRO works to hydrate and rejuvenate the entire eye area in a matter of minutes using four innovative modes.

   ● heat
   ● heat and massage
   ● heat and red LED light
   ● heat, massage and red LED light

Set the temperature of the wand to your preference between 37-45°C (99-113°F) and then choose one of the four modes.

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