Eschenbach illuminated, stand and hand held magnifiers

Innovation in sight

Eschenbach was founded in Germany in 1913 and is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality magnification solutions including low vision aids, reading glasses and binoculars. 

Throughout its history, Eschenbach has become renowned for its continuous innovation. One of the company mottos is "Innovation in Sight".

Eschenbach has introduced more magnifying devices than all of its competitors combined. For example, it was the first to introduce illuminated magnifiers.

In addition to consistently staying ahead of the technology curve with new products, Eschenbach strives to ensure that all customers realise the full value of each product through the longest useful life.

Hand held magnifiers

Designed to be held in the hand, these lightweight magnifiers can be moved into position to get the best image.

The range of magnification is wide and some have integrated lighting to enhance vision further. Also with Eschenbach, you know that whichever price range you choose, quality is still evident.

They are generally small or compact in size and are ideal for carrying with you for easy-to-use out and about vision.

Spectacle mounted magnifiers

Spectacle mounted, clip-on magnifiers are designed to provide spectacle wearers with hands-free magnification. 

They are lightweight, hands-free and will fit most spectacle frames. 

The lens is set 2 inches from the eye, allowing for a more comfortable working distance and when they are not needed, the lens can be flipped up and out of the way.

Stand magnifiers

The Eschenbach range of stand Magnifiers are set to be at the correct position to give the optimum image focus. 

They are slightly bulkier than hand magnifiers so are less suitable for carrying around. However, they leave the hands free to hold or manipulate the near task underneath.  

The range of powers/magnification is good but generally slightly less than for hand magnifiers. 

Illuminated magnifiers

Eschenbach tend to utilise LEDs in their illuminated magnifiers ensuring that you get a bright light and long battery life.

Having a light source close to what you are trying to see can greatly improve both contrast and visibility.

There are a number of stand and hand held magnifiers that feature integrated illumination.

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