Helping you prevent cold sores before they show up.

What is HERPOtherm?

HERPOtherm is a medical device which is dermatologically tested and can prevent the development of cold sore blisters if applied early enough. 

Cold sores are not only unsightly but can also be very painful. Symptoms such as tingling, burning, tightness or itching can be treated with HERPOtherm from your first application.

Treatment with HERPOtherm can offer: 
  ●  Relief from itching and pain 
  ●  Reduction of swelling 
  ●  Faster healing

The benefits of HERPOtherm

  ●  It doesn't damage the skin 
  ●  It's chemical free 
  ●  It can be used on children (self-use from 12 years of age) 
  ●  It's suitable for allergy sufferers 
  ●  It can be used during pregnancy 
  ●  It is dermatologically tested 
  ●  It is a durable alternative to creams and patches 
  ●  It is pocket sized, discreet, convenient and easy-to-use


What can HERPOtherm do for you?

HERPOtherm can prevent the development of cold sore blisters if used early enough. 

HERPOtherm can shorten the duration of the condition after an outbreak and help promote faster healing when compared with creams containing aciclovir.

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