Introducing ROAV sunglasses

Designed for adventure the ROAV range features the world's thinnest folding frames for the ultimate 'fit anywhere, travel anywhere' eyewear.

Truly pocketable

ROAV's unique products have been created by a team of designers, engineers and travellers from LA who have a passion for creating eyewear that you can genuinely take anywhere. 

Gone are the days of bulky cases and glasses falling off your shirt collar. Or while packing for a holiday worrying about your sunglasses taking up too much space in hand luggage.

When folded up ROAV sunglasses are about as thin as an iPhone and will fit in the skinniest of jeans and the smallest of purses making them easy to carry around day-to-day.

ROAV sunglass range

ROAV sunglasses now available

Innovative & practical, the wait is over and both the Origin and Odyssey series sunglasses are now available.

The original ROAV Vision folding frame. Still amazingly thin, undeniably debonair and always ready for your next adventure but with polarised tinted lenses.

Why you need foldable sunglasses?

Every year, sunglasses are the must have accessory of the summer, so you’ll no doubt be investing in a new pair for this season. Whilst style is so important, it’s essential that you don’t neglect to choose a design which is also practical and comfortable.

For on the go style, ROAV lightweight sunglasses are your solution to effortless travel fashion.

Manufactured using ultra-thin stainless-steel means they typically weight just 15g, thereby providing ultimate comfort for all day wear.

So if you’re looking to invest in a pair of lightweight glasses as your summer stable this season, discover the benefits here.

ROAV features

Lightweight ultra-thin stainless steel

Polarized polycarbonate lenses

100% UVA + UVB protection

Screw-free, spring loaded micro hinge

1 year warranty

8mm thick when folded

Average weight just 15g

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