The secret of perfect make-up

Well moisturised skin makes an excellent make-up base. Wait 10 minutes after applying your moisturiser before making up, make-up will hold for much longer. For balanced make-up always start with the foundation, followed by the eyes and finally the lips. This approach will allow you to create a harmonious finish drawing attention to the triangle formed by the eyes and lips.

Foundation (Tinted cream)

Squeeze a dab of tinted cream into the palm of your hand and leave it to warm to skin temperature, this will also help it melt into the skin more easily. Apply a dab of tinted cream to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Using fingertips work the cream outwards (do not spread) from the centre of the face.


To fix the tinted cream use a loose powder, applying generously to the whole face using a large brush. You should achieve a matte, silky finish. Use the pressed powder for touching up during the day.


If possible, apply over foundation make-up. Using a sponge applicator apply a small amount of concealer along the lower edge of dark circles, then gently blend in using light patting movements. The concealer should blend into the foundation to hide signs of tiredness.


Blusher will give definition to your face. Smooth on to prominent parts of the cheeks, highlighted by a smile.

"Tested and proven to be gentle and effective"