BLINK range of eye drops and gels for dry eyes

As experts in eye care, Johnson & Johnson Vision understand your eyes and their needs. Our eyes are affected by harsh, drying environments, as well as being sensitive to long periods of concentration at a computer screen or reading.

These conditions can leave our eyes feeling dry, gritty, irritable and uncomfortable. The blink eye care range is scientifically formulated to help replenish what modern living takes out - leaving you and your eyes looking and feeling their best.

BLINK Intensive eye drops

Viscosity-enhanced for long lasting relief.

  • Formulated to soothe and protect dry feeling eyes
  • Contains a lubricating demulcent and a viscosity enhancer for a long lasting effect
  • Available in multi-dose bottles and handy preservative free single-use vials

BLINK Intensive Triple Action

Soothe, moisturise and protect dry-feeling or irritated eyes 

  • For relief from dry-feeling, sore, watery or irritated eyes
  • Contains liposomes to help protect the lipid-layer, your eyes' natural barrier to moisture evaporation
  • Soothes and moisturises with sodium hyaluronate
  • Also contains the powerful antioxidant vitamin-E

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