A splash of relief for dry eyes

Ocufresh dry eye range

Drops, gels, ointments, wipes all have a role to play in soothing red, sore, tired and irritable eyes. Therefore, Ocufresh have developed a full range of products that aims to provide a solution for everyone’s dry eye needs.

  • Lubricates, moisturises and protects dry and irritated eyes
  • Provides relief from itching and burning sensation
  • Ideal to counter environmental causes of dry eye: central heating, air conditioning, smoke, wind, prolonged computer work or driving

Whatever the cause, hours of relief is just a few drops away. 

Product range includes

Sodium hyaluronate (0.2% and 0.4%).


Moisturising, brightening and soothing

Day and night treatments

Preservative-free options

Multi-dose bottles (containing around 200 drops)

Ocufresh sodium hyaluronate based drops for dry eyes

Ocufresh carboxymethylcellulose based drops for dry eyes

Ocufresh hypromellose based drops for dry eyes

Ocufresh night-time gels and ointments for dry eyes

Other Ocufresh eye drops

Ocufresh lid care products

Night-time relief

To relieve the symptoms of dry eye at night, often an eye drop does not last long enough.

Lasting up to 8 times longer than regular eye drops, Ocufresh Carbomer eye gel is ideal for overnight use to alleviate the symptoms of dryness, discomfort, grittiness and minor irritation caused by dry eyes.

  • Lubricating eye gel carbomer
  • Cooling, soothing relief from the signs and symptoms of moderate/severe dry eyes
  • More effective relief, compared with standard eye drops
  • Long lasting relief, stays on the eye 8 times longer than standard eye drops

Soothing eye drops

Across the range Ocufresh have drops to help for mild, moderate and severe dry eyes. Each lubricant has its own properties.

  • Hypromellose: for mild dry eye symptoms and great value
  • Carmellose: different % offer relief for mild to moderate symptoms
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: a modern lubricant that can give longer lasting relief and therefore also used for more severe dry eye symptoms

As everyone is different the range includes single use vials, preserved and preservative free bottles as well as a spray. 

Brightening eye drops

Developed to help give you sparkling bright eyes, Ocufresh Brightening eye drops contain two key ingredients.

  • polyvinyl alcohol to help soothe and moisturise the eyes
  • naphazoline to help revive dull or lacklustre eyes and give them a brighter, whiter appearance

These two ingredients work together to help give them a brighter, whiter appearance.

The eye drops are fast acting and long-lasting, ideal for great looking and feeling eyes in an instant.

Specialist treatments

Ocufresh offers more than just comfort and cosmetic drops, they also treat. 

Ocufresh Natklor 5% Sodium Chloride eye drops are a very cost-effective, preservative free, multi-dose solution for the alleviation of the symptoms of corneal oedema.

For added comfort and lubrication they also contain sodium hyaluronate.

Preservative-free to avoid sensitivity, the multi dose bottle can be used for up to 180 days after first opening offering exceptional value.

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