What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a condition where the surface of the eye becomes inflamed and sore due to a poor relationship between the tear film and the eyelids. This might be because your eyes are not producing enough tears, or that the chemistry of the tear film is out of balance.

Do you suffer from dry, gritty or itchy eyes? Try Thealoz® Duo dry eye drops to protect, hydrate and lubricate your eyes.

Thealoz® Duo range of eye drops and gels for dry eye symptoms

Thealoz® Duo

Thealoz® Duo dry eye drops are suitable for all dry eye sufferers looking for the latest drop. They contain a unique combination of ingredients (trehalose plus sodium hyaluronate) that deliver long-lasting symptom relief(1) and protection for the surface of the eye. 

  • Clinically proven formulation, providing long lasting relief for up to four hours (1,2) 
  • 100% Preservative Free 
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers 
  • Easy to squeeze, unique ABAK bottle design which delivers 300 calibrated drops which means no wastage. Can be used for 3 months after opening 

Thealoz® Duo Gel

Thealoz® Duo Gel eye drops are suitable for more severe dry eye or for night time use as it combines both long-lasting relief and protection for the surface of the eye with a carbomer gel which gives added staying power. 

  • Ideal for moderate to severe dry eye and for overnight use 
  • 100% Preservative Free


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