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The Eye Doctor are eyelid hygiene experts and pride themselves in developing and supplying innovative eyecare solutions that focus primarily on promoting and optimising eye health.

Recommended by eyecare experts, The Eye Doctor 3-step eyecare regime is clinically proven to treat MGD, blepharitis, dry eye disease and chalazions.

Step 1: Heat the eyelids with The Eye Doctor hot eye compress to open up the glands. Protected by ground-breaking anti-microbial technology, Sterileyes® is bound to the fabric fibres on all Eye Doctor compresses and is clinically proven to reduce potentially harmful bacteria on the compress by up to 99.99%.

Eye Doctor Premium features

Patented Sterileyes® antibacterial protection

Reusable (365+ times)

Hot and cold treatment

Filled with BodyBeads® self-hydrating technology

Oven / Microwave / Freezer

Removable washable cover

Adjustable strap and storage bag

Step 2: Cleanse the eyelids with The Eye Doctor’s biodegradable eyelid wipes. Individually wrapped for convenience, the rinse-free formula removes dirt and debris from the eye and is soothing for even the most sensitive eyes.

Step 3: Revive the eyes with The Eye Doctor’s preservative free eye drops. The one-drop dispensing pump is easy to use and ensures no wastage. These drops provide instant relief and soothe dryness caused by dust, heating, eye surgery and digital eye strain.  

HEAT with the Eye Doctor range of eye masks

CLEANSE with the Eye Doctor range of lid care products

Eye Doctor range of dry eye drops and supplements

What the experts say

Dr Hilary Jones, Medical Broadcaster, GP:
"With any healthcare products applied to the skin, especially over the eyes and face, there is always the danger of bacterial cross-contamination".

Dr Hilary Jones qualified from the Royal Free Hospital medical school in 1976 spending two years in postgraduate posts at that hospital in general medicine and surgery, oncology, intensive care and accident and emergency. He has also worked as a Senior House in Ophthalmology before entering General Practice assisting in Glaucoma and Cataract extraction procedures.

Dr Colin Parsloe, Specialty Doctor in Ophthalmology The Milton Keynes University Hospital:
"Sterileyes® is a breakthrough product and introduces a new paradigm shift we all must make in managing our dry eye patients".

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