The world's thinnest reading glasses with cases that can fit on keys or in wallets, pockets, purses or anything else that's 'Always With You'.

They come in four different powers from +1.00 to +2.50.

ThinOptics POD

Compact reading glass with a POD case that makes them our most convenient yet. This POD case ensures your super-thin glasses are never further away than your phone - or you can stick them to another handy surface!

  • Ultra-Flexible: Ultra-thin reading glasses with a pod case that bend without breaking
  • Ultra-Slim: Slides easily into your wallet or pocket

ThinOptics POD can be attached to your phone or slip easily into a pocket or purse ensuring your glasses are “Always With You”.

ThinOptics Keychain

The keychain that amazes has lenses made from optical grade polycarbonate, the same material that is regularly found in high-end prescription glasses.

  • Flexible: Reading glasses fold neatly inside your keychain
  • Functional: Your glasses are never further than your keys

ThinOptics glasses easily slide into the Keychain to ensure your glasses are “Always With You”.

ThinOptics Brooklyn

ThinOptics Brooklyns are the world's thinnest and lightest full-frame reading glasses. Weighing less than 9g, they are beautifully thin, durable and lightweight. Brooklyns fit in a brushed aluminum, felt-lined 4mm thick case that fits so effortlessly into a pocket, purse or handbag, you may forget they’re with you.

  • Convenient: Reading glasses at your fingertips
  • Quality: Premium metal case, soft brushed finish
  • Compact: Slips easily into your wallet, purse or pocket

Our full ThinOptics range

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