A range of gifts for the men in your family

Gift ideas

Folding sunglasses

ROAV's unique sunglasses have been created by a team of designers, engineers and travellers from LA who have a passion for creating eyewear that you can genuinely take anywhere.

When folded up ROAV sunglasses are about as thin as an iPhone and will fit in the skinniest of jeans and the smallest of purses making them easy to carry around day-to-day.


Blue light filtering screen protectors

With many adults spending as much as 10 hours a day looking at screens, the impact of blue light from digital devices could be having a significant impact on your sleep, your general wellbeing and subsequently on your performance.

With an Ocushield tempered glass screen protector you can ensure everyone is getting the best sleep possible and looking after your eyes in this digital age.


Magnifiers for home and on-the-go

As we get older, many parts of our bodies start to show signs of ageing and our eyes are no exception. This may just mean new glasses but over time more severe problems can occur that require additional help.

We have some great magnifiers that can help with reading/hobbies and can be used at a desk or slipped into a pocket to carry with you.


High-tech reading glasses

High tech reading glasses can make a fun gift. With EyeJusters, by simply turning the revolutionary hidden eyeDials, you can change the strength of the lenses from +0.50 to +4.00 D, or to anything in between. 

ThinOptics are the world's thinnest reading glasses, with cases that can fit on keys or in wallets, pockets, purses or anything else that's 'Always with You'. 


Vitamin supplements for eye health

We all know that a healthy diet is important for general health. In particular, anti-oxidants are believed to be important because they help protect the cells in the body from ‘oxidants’ or ‘free-radicals’. 

This extends to eye health as well and it is thought that cell degeneration is a key factor in the development of many changes within the eye as we age. So top up your key macula pigments (lutein and zeaxanthin) with an one-a-day supplement like Digital Blue Plus. 


Face masks and sanitizers

A face mask is certainly a gift for the modern age but it doesn’t have to be boring. The AB Mask PLUS is a stylish, black, reusable ANTI-VIRAL face mask proven to reduce tested viruses by over 99% on the material in 2 hours. 

Supplied with a replaceable AB Mask filter which gives the mask a total of 7 layers of protection (5 from the filter) to help protect against non-oily airborne particles. 



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