Cross out dry eye

with the Xailin range, a customised solution for your individual needs

Xailin eye health range

These three preservative and phosphate-free, contact lens friendly Xailin® eye drops contain sodium hyaluronate (HA), a naturally occurring, biocompatible ingredient used in a lot of eye drops.

They moisturise and alleviate symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome and irritations, redness and eye fatigue caused by prolonged screen use, exposure to environmental factors such as wind, sun, dry air, salty water, smoke, dust, air conditioning and heating. 

The three Xailin multi dose products contain various concentrations of sodium hyaluronate so they are equally suitable for those with mild, moderate or severe dry eye.

Xailin multi dose, preservative free eye drops

Xailin offers more choice

As one solution to dry eyes is rarely suitable for everyone, Xailin® offers a wide range of products.

These include:
• Single use vials, perfect for carrying with you.
• Great value multidose bottles.
• Gel for evening and night-time.
• Ointment for overnight use.
• Wash to rinse and revive irritated eyes.

Containing trusted lubricants that are widely prescribed, the comprehensive Xailin® range can help relieve and refresh dry eyes, whatever the cause.

The rest of the Xailin range

Xailin Wash

Xailin® Wash is a sterile solution for rinsing the eyes. Supplied in preservative-free vials, this eye wash is ideal for first aid use in adults and children for infections, allergies or removing foreign bodies.

• Treatment of superficial irritations of eyelids and eyes
• Cleansing solution to help eliminate foreign bodies which irritate the eye, such as sand, midges, dust, pollen or fragments of make-up.
• Can be used alongside treatments for infection, allergy or inflammation of eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea.
• Daily and post-surgical eye cleansing (children and adults). 

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