The AB Mask range

In recent years face coverings have become a part of everyday life, but as life returns to normal there is no need to abandon them completely. There are a lot of reason why you might, from time to time, wish to wear one and an AB Mask is the perfect choice.

• In many countries, during cold season, it is common to see people wearing a mask to help reduce transmission. 

• Travel on crowded transport where the close quarters might make you feel uncomfortable.

• If you suffer with allergies, it makes sense that filtering the air we breathe will help reduce not only airborne droplets and aerosols but also irritants such as pollen, dust, mould and more. 

Key features

Breathable soft fabric

Double layer anti-viral fabric

Adjustable ear loops and wire nose bridge

Washable & reusable

Reduces waste compared to disposable masks

Storage bag to keep safe and clean between uses

Optional 5 layer, replaceable filter which has a bacterial efficiency of more than 98%

AB Mask range of products

Anti-fog cloth

The reusable AB MASK Anti-gog cloth is designed to prevent fogging of glasses, whatever the cause. Each use will provide up to 48 hours of anti-fog and protect your lenses from smearing and dust. 

• Clean and dry your lens 
• Breathe to fog up the lens 
• Gently wipe the lens with the AB MASK Anti-fog cloth before the fog disappears 
• Repeat on the other side of the lens

AB Mask Anti-fog cloth

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