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A holistic, natural and drug free approach to allergy management
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FUSION™ Allergy range

Introducing the complete range for treatment and prevention of allergic symptoms, caused by airborne allergens like pollen, house dust, or animal hair.

The range includes products to help:
• Treat and care for irritated or inflamed eyes caused by allergic conjunctivitis.
• Treat and prevent allergic rhinitis symptoms.
• Treat and prevent allergic symptoms in the mouth or throat.

A holistic, natural and drug free approach to allergy management.

FUSION™ Allergy range of products

What is allergy?

Allergy is essentially your body’s immune system over-reacting to what are generally harmless substances - like dust mites, pollen or animal hair. These substances are called allergens and can be a variety of things either inhaled or consumed. The body’s reaction may then show as as hayfever, asthma or skin reactions such as eczema. 

For some the body’s reaction results in hayfever (also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis) causing sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, and an itchy mouth and irritated throat. It can also result in allergic conjunctivitis affecting the eyes causing, watery, itchy eyes, with puffy swollen eyelids.

Common types of allergies

Plants: Grass, weed, and tree pollen, plant resins

Dust: Caused by dust mite waste

Mould: Mould spores can trigger reactions.

Animal dander: Pet hair and saliva can cause allergies

Foods: Various foods can cause allergies too

FUSION™ Allergy eye range

Preservative free eye drops or spray for the treatment and prevention of allergic symptoms such as red, itchy and watery eyes.

• Preservative free eye drops or spray
• Contact lens compatible
• Suitable for all ages
• Suitable for eye allergy symptoms (red, itchy and watery eyes)
• Contains Ectoin to help protect the ocular surface from harmful allergens
• Comes in handy single dose vials or spray

FUSION™ Allergy nose spray

Preservative free nasal spray for the treatment and prevention of allergic rhinitis symptoms like runny or itchy nose and nasal congestion.

• Preservative free 
• Suitable for all ages including infants 
• Suitable for nasal allergic rhinitis symptoms like runny nose, itchy nose and nasal congestion 
• Contains 2% Ectoin to help protect from harmful allergens. 
• Comes in an easy to use 20ml dispenser 

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