What is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a condition that often leaves sufferers with skin debris around the eyelashes and eye lids that are red, sore and inflamed. It is caused by the skin around your eyelashes or the area around your essential oil-producing (meibomian) glands being inflamed, or both. Blepharitis is also the most common trigger for dry eye symptoms.

Gentle eyelid cleansing every day is key because the skin around your eyes is very delicate and at the same time inflamed. It is very important to avoid soap, perfumes and preservatives.

Daily eyelid cleaning, it's more important than you think.

Over 40% of adults will show signs of blepharitis(1).

Over 80% of people suffering with dry eye also require daily eye lid cleansing to help manage symptoms(2)

Gentle eyelid cleansing every day is key

Blepha range of lid care products for blepharitis

Blephaclean® eye lid cleansing wipes

These handy wipes are great for gentle cleansing of the eyelids and lashes, with no need for rinsing, making them quick and convenient for use on the go. Preservative, perfume and paraben-free, they can be used from the age of 3 months.

  • Preservative, perfume and paraben-free 
  • So gentle, they can be used from age 3 months  
  • No need for any rinsing 
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers

Blephasol® eye lid cleansing solution

This gentle eyelid cleansing solution in a 100ml bottle is ideal for eyelids and lashes and has been specially formulated to be kind to both skin and eyes. Blephasol® is pleasant to use, with no ‘soap effect’ or stinging sensation.

Blephasol® Duo includes 100 lint free pads for application

  • Perfume and alcohol (ethanol) free 
  • Lash area and skin cleansing  
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers 
  • No ‘soap effect’ or stinging, just gentle cleansing 
  • Pleasant to use, moisturises and soothes

Blephagel® eye lid cleansing gel

This eyelid cleansing gel comes in a patented pump dispenser which is easy to use and helps to prevent contamination. Gives a refreshing, cooling sensation as it softens and soothes even the most sensitive eyelids.

  • Preservative, perfume and alcohol (ethanol) free.
  • Hypoallergenic. 
  • Provides a sensation of cooling freshness 
  • Softens and soothes the eyelids 
  • Suitable for the most sensitive skin, eyelids and eyes 
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers

Blepha EyeBag® warming eye mask

For rapid and long-lasting relief(3)  from dry, tired and sore eyes, try the Blepha EyeBag®. 

Made in the UK, it is a clinically proven(3) , gentle and easy to use warming eye mask for use as part of your daily eyelid cleansing routine. 

With 200 uses, it is a cost-effective option at only 10p per use.  Suitable for all including pregnant and breastfeeding women and children from 3 years old. 


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