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As well as our regular multi-buy offers, we periodically run special offers. These are usually run for a limited time, on a select number of products and can help you save even more. They will normally fall out of their multi-buy group while on special offer.

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Periodic offers include:

3 for 2

FREE promotional item

Save 25%, 30%, 40%...

Buy one get one FREE

Clearance Sale

Buy one get one FREE

Multi-buy offers

As well as our special offers, we regularly run multi-buy offers on most products, but how do they work?

For your convenience these are grouped by product type so you can mix and match within the group, but not between groups.

For example: you could buy two lid care wipes and two eye drops to save 10% discount on all four. But you could not buy three lid care wipes and one mascara as these are in different groups.

Follow the links below to view all products in a particular group.

Regular multi-buy offers:

Dry eye and lid care products




Accessory items

Can-C drops and capsules

3 month bottles

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