A warming eye mask with a temperature strip to ensure use at the optimum temperature. Use twice a day to gently release warmth and give instant comfort to sore eyelids.


MeiboPatch® is a reusable ocular eye compress which can be heated using a microwave and applied to the eyelids. The gentle heat can be used to treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), blepharitis, chalazion, crusting, cysts, eyelid inflammation and dry eye syndrome.

MeiboPatch® includes a unique temperature test strip which shows when it is ready for use. This ensures it gets to the right temperature to effectively treat MGD but not too hot that it would burn you.

The heated MeiboPatch® is applied to the upper face so that the bridge of the nose and both the upper and lower eyelids are covered and will gently release warmth; stimulating the normal sebaceous oily secretions from the meibomian glands and offering instant comfort. 

MeiboPatch® comes in the form of a single reusable unit. MeiboPatch® is made from cotton and grape seeds. It does not contain any perfumes or essential oils. 

Please note the MeiboPatch® requires the use of a microwave oven.

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