Christmas Gift Ideas

Whoever you are looking to buy for, we have some great gift ideas for the whole family.

All day, all night Oculamp

Ocushield, specialists in blue light filtering, have launched the ultra-contemporary Oculamp, a thing of beauty that can help you wind down at night.

Settings are controlled via a touch-panel display. These help you keep your body clock in time, by controlling how much blue light it gives off, with three settings for different times of the day: 

    • Cool white  
    • Neutral white  
    • Warm white  

Improved wellbeing, better sleep and protection against digital eye strain.

For great looking eyes

Peep Club™ is the brainchild of an optometrist and her childhood friend, a dry eye sufferer. It introduces products designed to be effective and take pride of place in your bathroom, not tucked away.

Their 'hero product' the Heated eye wand™ PRO works to hydrate and rejuvenate the entire eye area in a matter of minutes using a combination of various innovative modes: heat, massage and red LED light.

It is clinically proven to improve eye hydration after just one use and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines on the under eyes and side of your eyes or ‘crows feet’.

Award winning cosmetics

Designed to minimise the chance of a reaction (with or without contact lenses), the Eye Care Cosmetics and NATorigin make-up and skincare products are developed in partnership with dermatologists, ophthalmologists and allergy specialists.

    • Backed by over 40 years of knowledge. 
    • Sold in 25 countries and a number one selling brand in France* 
    • A unique concept: the bio-inertia of the formulations
    • Multi-award winning

Our new gift/presentation boxes make a great gift with all the favourites in one stylish collection.

ThinOptics reading glasses

The world's thinnest reading glasses with cases that can fit on keys or in wallets, pockets, purses or anything else that's 'Always With You'.  

Weighing around 10g, they are beautifully thin, durable and lightweight.

    • Ultra-flexible: reading glasses that bend without breaking
    • Convenient: Reading glasses at your fingertips 
    • Quality: Premium metal case, soft brushed finish 
    • Compact: Slips easily into your wallet, purse or pocket

They come in four different powers from +1.00 to +2.50.

Optipets glasses holders

Adults and kids are forever misplacing their glasses, now there’s a stand just for them to help keep them safe. 

These fun, handcrafted nose spectacle stands will hold glasses and keep them safe while they are not being worn.

    • Handmade 
    • Made from polyresin 
    • Multicoloured 
    • Available in a range of fun styles
            • Cricketer, Footballer, Golfer 
            • Giraffe,  Panda, Sloth

ROAV folding sunglasses

ROAV's unique products have been created by a team of designers, engineers and travellers from LA who have a passion for creating eyewear that you can genuinely take anywhere.  

Gone are the days of bulky cases and glasses falling off your shirt collar. Or while packing for a holiday worrying about your sunglasses taking up too much space in hand luggage. 

When folded up ROAV sunglasses are about as thin as an iPhone and will fit in the skinniest of jeans and the smallest of purses making them easy to carry around day-to-day.

The gift of sight this Christmas

No matter how good your eyesight may be now, as we start to age, our eyes will generally tend to become weaker. Dealing with this natural regression is made easier thanks to the variety of magnifiers that are currently available.

These come in a number of convenient forms, suitable for different purposes and environments:

    • hand-held magnifiers
    • stand magnifiers
    • spectacle-mounted magnifiers.

Prescription swimming goggles and diving masks

If you have a keen swimmer, or diver, in the family then you might find the perfect Christmas gift on our award-winning sister site, Prescription Swimming Goggles.

Whether for a regular in the water or an occasional swimmer, with over 50 different styles in stock, you are sure to find a pair to suit their needs.

Serious swimmers might focus on design or choose their preferred brand, like Zoggs or Speedo. Casual swimmers may base their choices on cost, and this is where our own brand, Sutton Swimwear, will fit the bill. 

Fun in and around water

As well as corrective swimming goggles, you can also find a great range of pool, sea and spa accessories on our sister site at Prescription Swimming Goggles.

The SwimCell waterproof pouches that are perfect for use in and around the water to ensure your phone/tablet stays safe and dry.

Look good with our selection of eco and chlorine resistant swimwear from ZOGGS & SPEEDO.

Make every session in the pool more fun with dive sticks or rings and squirting, splashing, soaking toys (suitable from ages 3 months+).

Happy Shopping

Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year

*2021 IQVIA review of 69 brands, EYE CARE COSMETICS was the N°1 brand (by units sold) in the makeup market of Para pharmacies with a market share of 35.6%.

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